Renters look forward to improved services

Britain’s tenants are largely satisfied with their landlords, though they do feel they could receive more support from them. In a poll conducted by Saga Home Insurance, 77% of tenants rated their current landlord as good or excellent, while just 8% awarded their landlord a poor rating.

The results of the survey seem at odds with government efforts that appear to be focused on adding layers of additional bureacracy, in an effort to do away with “rogue” landlords. And they demonstrate that tenants are ready for the enhanced level of support services being promised by the emerging professional private landlords, backed by major investors.

However, despite the high levels of satisfaction, there remain issues where UK landlords are falling short in the service they deliver. Around a quarter of tenants cited poor communication from landlords as a problem, while 21% complained of poor quality workmanship from trades people employed to fix problems with their properties.

For landlords, the survey found their biggest gripes with tenants were late payment of rent – 37% cited this – and damage to property, with a 32% score.

“In the age of housing shortages and escalating rents, landlords have been getting some bad headlines, but the research shows the extent to which this portrayal is unfair,” said Saga’s head of home insurance, Sue Green. “The vast majority of landlords are conscientious and ethical, although tenants do believe more can be done which is why we have released our guide with practical tips to help them improve their ethical credentials.”

Saga has produced a free guide for those renting a property, entitled Being an Ethical Landlord.

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