Notting Hill embraces private rental housing in porfolio mix

Housing associations need to embrace the private sector in order to help deliver more social housing. That’s the message from Kate Davies, chief executive of housing group Notting Hill.

While still a housing association dedicated to providing supported homes, Notting Hill has moved with the times and today almost one fifth of its portfolio is private rentals and shared ownership housing. In an interview with The Guardian, Davies says that building a more commercial attitude is essential. “I support social housing – there should be more of it. But if there is limited money available for that, what else are you going to do to produce more of it?”

Davies says that Notting Hill is still dedicated to its core activities, but that housing associations who baulk at change are living in the past. Subsidies from government are declining, and that means other options have to be explored, to help fund the provision of affordable homes. “If you can produce low-cost housing for people by doing commercial activity, do the commercial activity.”

Read more of the Kate Davies profile in the Guardian.

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