Kevin McCloud backs rental as route to better homes

Kevin McCloud, presenter of Grand Designs, has declared rental homes a key part of the solution to the housing challenge the UK faces. And he calls the common dislike of renting “an allergy” that needs to be cured.

McCloud heads the long running series that sees individuals build the home of their dreams, frequently pushed to breaking point – and close to financial meltdown – in the process. But despite his position, he is by no means sold on home ownership as the only way to resolve the UK’s housing shortage.

Speaking in an interview in the Times newspaper, McCloud noted that under current arrangements, there will always be a shortage of homes, and perhaps now is the time to take on board the renting tradition more prevalent in other European countries.”For a start we are going to have to reconsider how we choose to live, in terms of renting. There seems to be an allergy to that here and yet renting is a perfectly good idea. I rented for years and I loved it – no responsibilities, no clearing of gutters. It left me free to actually enjoy my life.”

Also in the feature, McCloud reveals how he dislikes some of the projects featured on the programme, particularly those that are oversize, in isolated positions and which do not deliver a homely feeling.

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