Better Renting for Britain campaign launched

A group of developers, pension funds and housing associations have started a campaign to promote the private rented housing sector. It says potentially £30 billion of finance is looking to invest in the sector, and has called on the new government to get serious about promoting building for rent.

An open letter, supported by the British Property Federation and signed by scores of senior executives from the development and housing world, calls on the new administration to focus on the potential of supporting the private sector to deliver. It calls on the incoming government to address five key action points:

• implement a national policy so that local authorities identify the need for rental homes, and allocate land accordingly
• support a Build to Rent industry team to work with local authorities, getting schemes delivered more swiftly
• modernise the approach to delivering rented housing
• allow the sector to continue operating as a market – in other words, avoid new restrictive legislation
• work with the private sector to promote best practice and help with improving the perception of the sector
The letter in full can be read here.
Among those supporting the initiative is Martin Bellinger of Essential Living, who commented:
“Now it’s our turn to positively disrupt the housing market. Renting can and should be about making people’s lives easier, offering them value for money and long-term certainty enabling them to create a home.”
While Nick Jopling of landlord Grainger added:
“We want to see a rental market that provides long term options as well as good value for money and customer service. By supporting ‘build to rent’, the future British government can encourage companies like ourselves to help increase housing supply and improve standards of living in the rental market.”

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